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MCG Diagnostic System

An Efficient & Effective Heart-Screening System

Whether you're a patient or a health care practitioner, it's crucial that you have access to the best technology to monitor heart health. The MagnetoCardioGraphic Diagnostic System has the near-term potential to revolutionize the heart-scanning diagnostic industry with its efficiency, accuracy, and usability.

How It Works

While the MCG system's inner workings are very sophisticated and technical, it essentially works by analyzing information that is collected from the patient's body using sensors. These unique sensors are placed an inch above the patient's chest when they are lying down. We then measure the heart's electrical activity in real time. By examining the data automatically with sophisticated software that determines if the signals are normal, or if there are any abnormal signals, this is an indication of abnormal heart function, including blockages, insufficient blood flow, and many other issues.

Easy to Learn & Use

We understand that health care professionals have many responsibilities to balance. The thought of learning a new technology seems daunting and time-consuming. In creating our product, we've kept this in mind. The MCG is designed to be learned easily and mimic conventional EKG type usage symbols. Typically, individuals can master our heart-screening system in only one to two weeks.

The MCG doesn't require any special rooms or installation; it generally can work in any ordinary hospital room. It doesn't even require magnetic shielding. It weighs less than 300 pounds and can be plugged into a standard wall outlet.

Saving Lives & Health Care Dollars

Early detection of heart disease is the key to saving both lives and money. When patients and doctors understand the cardiac problems early, they can take the necessary steps to avoid more dangerous and costly illnesses, including heart attacks. Additionally, determining any heart health issues early on reduces the need for further expensive tests whose costs add up rapidly. Decreasing the number of tests performed reduces spending for unnecessary admission to hospitals, patients, and insurance companies. This system has the ability to save billions in health care dollars — and its cost can be recovered in less than a year. This is a small price to pay to improve the heart health of your family and friends.

Non-Invasive Technology

Going for a heart scan typically involves some form of discomfort for the patient. We are proud to put an end to this. The MCG Diagnostic System was designed to be completely non-invasive. There are no injections or radiation, and the system doesn't even come into contact with the patient, who remain dressed.

Fast, Accurate Results

In the past, patients and physicians have had to wait a long time for results of a heart scan. With the MCG, precise results are produced in as little as 10-15 minutes. In addition to its impressive speed, this technology is reliable and accurate. Our system has a 100% accuracy rate when diagnosing women for possible heart disease. This is extremely significant as many more women die from heart disease than men because it is harder to diagnose heart disease symptoms in females compared to males.