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MCG Heart Diagnostic Imaging for Your Patients

CardioMag's groundbreaking MCG heart diagnostic imaging systems are a practical addition to nearly any type of clinical setting. It provides safe, non-invasive, and early detection of abnormalities and potential issues within the cardiovascular system. Our scanner package consists of the following:

  • Cryogenic Container
  • Sensors and Sensor Control
  • Digital Electronics Hardware
  • Non-Magnetic Patient Bed That Moves Them Into Four Different Physical Positions
  • Specialized Software for Data Display and Suggested Medical Interpretations
  • Documentation for Software and Medical Interpretation
  • Operating Computer Console and Data Printout System

Major Advantages Over What's Currently Available

The MCG cardiovascular testing device provides unique diagnostic capabilities that complement other traditional detection methods. This enables medical professionals to achieve more precise diagnoses and treatments without the need for more expensive options, such as MRIs, SPECT scans, echocardiograms, and CT scans. Some of the major advantages of our system include:

  • Highly-Accurate Heart Diagnostic Imaging That Produces Results in Less Than 10 Minutes
  • Qualitative and Motion Video Presentation of the Heart with Automated Quantitative Results
  • Monitoring of Heart Attack Patients Without Any Radiation, Medical Side Effects, or Injections
  • No Exercise, Stress, or Breath Holding Required
  • Patients May Remain Fully Clothed, Except for Any Metal Objects
3D Heart Scan & Heart Health Scan